Continuing large-scale data breaches have brought data protection and data loss issues to the forefront of information security conversations. But data protection isn’t achieved by simply preventing adversaries from gaining access to or exfiltrating data from data stores.

To do these things successfully you have to begin by locating the sensitive data they are in search of, and classifying that data to apply the appropriate security controls.

ForresterJoin Identity Finder's Gabriel Gumbs and featured speaker, Heidi Shey of Forrester Research, to learn about common challenges organizations face, the importance of classification and how it fits into your overarching data protection strategy.

Learn about the three key elements of data protection:

•    How to architect and plan your protection strategy
•    Why decreasing user classification fatigue reduces risk
•    What techniques to use in order to stay ahead of regulatory requirements

Identity Finder and Guest, Forrester Research, Webinar: Data Protection

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Classification Techniques for Data Protection