Ponemon Report:  The Importance of DLP in Cybersecurity Defense

Independently conducted by Ponemon Institute

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In this research study, Ponemon surveyed a total of 3,572 DLP and non-DLP users of which 503 qualified responses were collected.  The report published the following key findings from this study and more:

  • Companies with DLP have a stronger security posture.
  • Spirion users are more confident in their ability to locate data at rest.
  • Companies using Spirion excel in their data loss prevention capabilities.
  • Data breaches affect all companies, but non-DLP users are more uncertain about the occurrence of these incidents.
  • Nothing happened is the most frequent result of a data breach.
  • Spirion users are more likely to report that the frequency, sophistication and severity of cyber attacks have increased in the past 12 months.  And, Spirion users are better able to deal with challenges to their organizations’ security posture.
  • Spirion users credit automated tools for flagging the loss of IP.
  • The cost of cybersecurity compromises.

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