Worried Sick: 5 Major Risks with Telehealth Data Security and How to Mitigate Them

Telehealth is rapidly gaining in popularity with both patients and providers. And while this makes it easier for providers to connect with their patients, it also means patients’ personal information is at greater risk than ever. This is all the more true during COVID-19, when the number of virtual visits is skyrocketing and organizations are overwhelmed with responding to the crisis, potentially leaving them more vulnerable to data breaches.

In this ebook, we explore how to mitigate the 5 major risks associated with telehealth data security. Download it today and find everything you need to take back the power and smartly, efficiently, and consistently manage all your data protection needs.

We will discuss these five critical data security challenges:

  • More data, but less clarity
  • Growing regulatory pressure and complexities
  • Cyberattacks are on the rise
  • Lack of knowledge or caution among employees
  • New telehealth apps and consumer products not built to heightened standards