Webinar Replay: A Deep Dive Into the Ohio Data Protection Act

What You'll Learn:

The Ohio Data Protection Act (S.B. 220) represents a first in data protection law: offering legal protection for companies that implement one of several popular data protection standards like ISO 27k or the CSC Top 20.

If successfully incorporated into a data protection program, those companies who experience a data breach will now have protection from liability. While not a “get out of litigation free” card, the Act significantly limits exposure to litigation while potentially enabling a company to meet a variety of data protection statutes and regulations.

In this informative presentation, you’ll gain perspective from data protection veterans on the implications of this new law and whether it’s poised to go nationwide.

Scott M Giordano.jpg
Scott Giordano, Esq., FIP, CISSP, VP, Data Protection
   -  Specializing in multinational/cross-border aspects of data protection
   -  ISO 17024 Certifications Advisory Board Member, International
      Association of Privacy Professionals
   -  Created and taught the first law school course on electronic evidence and
   -  Member of  the California, the District of Columbia, and Washington state
      bar associations

Gregg Giordano, CISSP, Principal, VALUTES, Inc.
   - Thought leader and champion for cradle to grave risk
       management and accountability at all levels of the organization

   - Specializing in the implementation of a holistic Cyber Risk
     and compliance programs

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