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Data classification is a core component in implementing an data security strategy. However, data security starts with first defining your data or understanding what it is you’re trying to protect – which in turns determines how employees should handle sensitive data and what types of security controls are necessary.

In this webinar, guest Senior Analyst Heidi Shey presents findings from the most recent Forrester study conducted on “Data Classification for Security.” The research provides an overview of adoption and market trends, as well as business drivers and the case for data classification tools for security. Joining Heidi will be Gabriel Gumbs, VP of Product Strategy at Spirion, to share data discovery, classification and monitoring best practices organizations are implementing to successfully protect their data.


In this webinar, we will share the results of these key findings:

-          Data classification is core to implementing data security

-          Adoption and market trends in data classification

-          Best practices in data classification for governance, reducing risk and compliance

Who should attend: Security & Risk Professionals, including CISOs, Information Security Directors, Staff Attorneys, and Auditors for Privacy and Compliance.

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Data Classification for Data Security
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