Webinar May 26th 1:00 PM EST

Emerging methods for securing the data supply chain

Privacy Grade: data discovery, classification, and remediation.

The exponential growth of data is viewed as a business opportunity as well as a hardship. Today, organizations have several ways in which data is created, shared and handled, whether it is internally sourced or through 3rd parties. Regardless of how it is obtained, how it is secured through business activities is a paramount responsibility with detrimental outcomes if done poorly.

Join Spirion’s webinar “ Emerging methods for securing the data supply chain”, hosted by our Chief Innovation Officer, Gabe Gumbs as he explores securing the data supply chain through emerging methods for reducing the risk of sensitive data being compromised or misused.

  • Learn what it means to be privacy grade
  • Understand how analytics improves a data privacy program
  • Determine what security and privacy measures must be in place in the data supply chain
  • Hear use cases that help fortify an organization’s data security program

Gabriel Gumbs | Chief Innovation Officer

Gabe Gumbs has a deep-rooted passion for technology, information security, and problem-solving. As Chief Innovation Officer of Spirion—a leader in rapid identification and protection of sensitive data—he’s channeling that passion to make the digital world a safer place. Wielding a unique mix of technical vision, marketing, and business acumen, Gabe is shaping the future of data security and protecting the sensitive personal data of customers, colleagues, and communities around the world.

Despite having held a range of leadership positions in security technology— including VP of Product Strategy at STEALTHbits and Director of Research & Products at WhiteHat Security—Gabe considers his most valuable experience to be the time he spent on the ground as a security practitioner. Thanks to his intimate understanding of the real issues security professionals face on the front lines, he’s able to identify the core of the problem and create innovative solutions that push data security technology forward.

With a firm command of the increasingly esoteric technical details of his field, as well as the rare ability to communicate them in a clear and meaningful manner, he’s become an industry thought leader. Gabe has shared his perspective and expertise across many outlets and channels, including InfoSecurity Europe, ILTACON, and CSX. Now he’s spearheading Spirion’s vision for data privacy in the next decade and beyond, leading the way to a more secure and private tomorrow for us all.