Webinar Replay: GDPR Post-Mortems: Lessons Learned from Google, Equifax, Facebook, and Others

What You'll Learn:

Early in January of 2019, Google was fined €50M, the largest fine levied since EU supervisory authorities began GDPR enforcement in May of 2018. This follows significant enforcement actions against Equifax, Facebook, and many others over the preceding 12 months for misuse and loss of personal data. 

In this informative presentation, we review these post-mortems, determine what went wrong, and discuss the implications for complying with the privacy and security requirements of the GDPR going forward, especially in light of upcoming data protection laws such as the California Consumer Privacy Act.

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Scott Giordano, Esq., FIP, CISSP, VP, Data Protection
   -  Specializing in multinational/cross-border aspects of data protection
   -  ISO 17024 Certifications Advisory Board Member, International
      Association of Privacy Professionals
   -  Created and taught the first law school course on electronic evidence and
   -  Member of  the California, the District of Columbia, and Washington state
      bar associations

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