Webinar Replay: How Spirion Helps Accelerate GDPR Compliance

What You'll Learn:

With France recently fining Google nearly $57 million for failing to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), there's now even more impetus to ensure you have a comprehensive data protection program in place.

In this informative presentation, Spirion GDPR compliance experts will show you how to leverage Spirion to advance in-depth GDPR compliance, including how to:

• Precisely locate personal data, populate a data inventory, and leverage it for meeting multiple requirements
• Automatically identify policy violations before they become a problem
• Accurately report on your protection of sensitive data over time

   Cory Retherford, Solution Engineer, Spirion
Specializing in security architecture and data management
    -  20 Years as an IT professional with focus in data security and
       operational data security risk reduction
    -  Real world solutions implementations in large and complex environments

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