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Identity Finder has spent years building the most accurate data discovery and classification platform, capable of locating PII, PCI, PHI and other data types with zero false positives. We recognized, however, that locating proprietary organizational data—that is, sensitive data that could only be identified by its owners and creators—was still a manual, labor-intensive process for organizations.

Compounding the challenge, most organizations have adopted file synchronization and sharing services and are using public, private and hybrid clouds to store sensitive data. This strains limited resources even further and often results in unprotected or poorly protected sensitive data.

Sensitive Data Manager 9.0 solves both these problems. It gives organizations the ability to classify, monitor and protect proprietary institutional data. And it gives IT and security departments centralized, on-premise-to-cloud visibility into their sensitive data.

Join us to learn how Sensitive Data Manager 9.0 can help you more effectively protect all your sensitive data—regulated, company-specific, on-premise or in the cloud.

”Data represents the "crown jewels" of many organizations, and the movement to protect data has progressed significantly beyond simply data security for meeting regulatory compliance toward securing key intellectual property that is vital to organizations.” – Brian Reed, Gartner Research Director

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Reduce Your Risk: Discover Sensitive Data Unique To Your Organization

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Presented by:
  • Gabriel Gumbs, VP of Product Strategy and Technical Marketing
  • Rob Server, Senior Solutions Engineer