Academic institutions contain vast amounts of sensitive data at endpoints, where it is most vulnerable. In addition, this data is often in distributed locations, making it difficult to discover and manage.

West Virginia University successfully reduced its risk exposure by centralizing and managing sensitive data located at the endpoint. Join this informative webinar to learn techniques to reduce and eliminate sensitive data and:

  • Drive compliance efforts
  • Reduce the risks associated with breach damage and inadvertent disclosure
  • Broaden endpoint security
  • Meet the business objectives of senior leadership

Our speakers:

Alex Jalso   Alex Jalso
   Information Technology

   West Virginia University

Alex Jalso has been employed at West Virginia University since 1993, he’s been supporting Information Security in various capacities since 2009 and has been the Chief Information Security Officer since 2012.

   Gabriel Gumbs
   VP of Product Strategy
   Identity Finder

Gabriel Gumbs brings more than 15 years of information security experience to Identity Finder. As a practitioner, Gabriel was responsible for administering information security programs at Pfizer before joining White Hat Security's research and products group, helping to refine White Hat's offering.

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How West Virginia University Reduced its Sensitive Data Footprint