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Todd Feinman, CEO and Founder of Spirion, discusses key findings of the research report “The Impact of DLP in Cybersecurity Defense,” conducted by the Ponemon Institute. The purpose of this research is to understand the comparative effectiveness of data loss prevention tools in mitigating the consequences of a cyber attack.


In this webinar, we will share the results of these key findings:

-          How do companies rate the effectiveness of their DLP solutions

-          How do companies rate their ability to locate and protect data

-          Comparison of data breach experience between DLP solutions and ad hoc approaches

-          Latest trends in sophistication, severity and frequency of cyber attacks

-          Top challenges keeping organization’s security posture from being fully effective

-          Loss of intellectual property and impact to a company’s competitive advantage

-          Average cost of cyber security breaches

Who should attend: CISOs, Information Security Directors, Staff Attorneys, Privacy and Compliance

A sampling of 3,572 DLP and non-DLP users were selected as participants to this survey. All 503 respondents in this research are involved in the management of the data security function within their organization.

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