Free Sensitive Data Impact Risk Assessment

Scrambling to assess the scope of a cyberattack and determine if it legally constitutes a data breach? Looking to meet the regulatory and ethical obligations to quickly notify the appropriate authorities in the event of a material data breach?

Gauge the “blast radius” of a security incident with Spirion’s Data Impact Assessment (DIA).

Experience the value of Spirion’s best in the world 98.5% discovery accuracy and persistent classification capabilities.

  • Uncover exposed PII/PHI across repositories and devices.
  • Works with any data set without prior normalization.
  • Scan structured / unstructured data repositories, and workstation devices.
  • Receive critical system risk score and financial risk posture.
  • Achieve 40-50% fewer misfires compared to eDiscovery tools
  • Trim review time to just 2-5% for irrelevant documents
With Spirion, you can mitigate damage quickly and meet tight disclosure deadlines.
Schedule your guided demo to see how Spirion can help you maintain compliance with regulators and secure the enterprise.