Tested by Tolly: Leading Third-Party Testing Authority Puts Spirion’s Data Discovery Accuracy Claim to the Test

Security operations teams are drowning in false alerts. The average SecOps team is estimated to receive 11,000 alerts every day—one-third of which are false positive.* This level of noise is crippling SecOps productivity, creating data blindness throughout the enterprise, and escalating the risk of compliance infractions.

Validated 98.5% Data Detection Accuracy

The premier independent technology test lab, Tolly Group, tested Spirion’s accuracy, ease-of-configuration, and remediation capabilities to provide third-party validation of real-world data protection capabilities.

The results? 98.5% dead-on accuracy.

Download The Tolly Group’s Data Discovery Accuracy Evaluation report on Spirion today. Learn how Tolly Group engineers put Spirion through its paces to benchmark its industry-leading personal data detection capabilities.

Testing highlights include:

  • Data detection accuracy: Spirion demonstrated impressive flexibility in detecting personal, sensitive and regulated data with 98% accuracy—even when contained inside image documents.
  • System installation: Spirion was ready to scan in less than one hour.
  • Custom filter configuration: Tolly engineers were able to build a custom filter definition in just a few minutes.
  • Automatic remediation: Tolly engineers tested a range of remediation actions that included destroying, redacting and quarantining personal data (without requiring a third-party Data Loss Prevention solution).

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*Source: Forrester Research, The 2020 State of Security Operations, April 2020.