Data De-identification: Privacy Challenges and Business Utility

Your organization discovers unprotected sensitive data on a laptop, server, or employee device. Those data sets provide valuable information that helps your business make the right strategic decisions. Now your organization must determine how to comply with privacy regulations while retaining the business value of that data.

To help your organization make the right choice for remediation, Spirion wrote a white paper that walks you through your options for complying with regulations while retaining business value. You’ll learn how de-identification allows organizations to balance privacy with utility.

You’ll come away knowing how to:

  • Risks of shredding and erasure to the future of the business
  • How to use de-identification to remediate without losing business value
  • Industry-specific considerations for de-identification for healthcare, education, banking, and manufacturing

Download our white paper today to learn how Tonic can de-identify data to meet privacy regulations while retaining business value for your organization.