Using Spirion Sensitive Data Platform to Implement the NIST Privacy Framework

Where do I start? It’s the most common question posed by data protection professionals tasked with leading a new data privacy management effort. It’s not an easy question to answer and it is especially challenging with modern data protection laws, which can be overwhelming in their scope and usually don’t specify how to comply with them.

The NIST Privacy Framework provides a guide, that when followed, can help you navigate current and future data privacy laws. Furthermore, it can help your organization to take privacy into account when designing and deploying systems, products, and services that affect individuals; communicating about your privacy practices; and encouraging cross-organizational workforce collaboration.

This white paper will not only highlight the major components of the NIST Framework, but it will also demonstrate exactly how Spirion Sensitive Data Platform (SDP) with Spirion Sensitive Data Finder can help you implement key functions of the Framework: Identify, Govern, Control, Communicate, and Protect, personal data.

You’ll come away knowing how to:

  • Stay ahead of the evolving nature of personal data and how laws define it
  • Prevent data breaches and data misuse before they happen within your company
  • Combine the NIST Privacy Framework and Spirion SDP to achieve key privacy goals